BlueBear Network Acquires Breakthrough 3D Face Camera

OTTAWA -- BlueBear Network International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:BLBR) announced today it has successfully tested proprietary 3D MugShot camera technology for the law enforcement market worldwide.

The breakthrough technology, acquired from VisionSphere Technologies, is a fast, inexpensive device for simultaneous acquisition of accurate three-dimensional and two-dimensional human faces. It will allow law enforcement and security agencies to capture both types of mug shots in seconds as a single snapshot and provides incredible accuracy in correctly mapping the individual being booked in 3D.

Mr. Michel Duron, Vice President of Marketing for BlueBear points out, "By providing both 3D mug shots and NIST-compliant 2D mug shot, our solution is compatible with booking systems already in place and positions police agencies for dramatic improvements in the accuracy and performance for facial recognition, enhanced ability to match non-frontal suspect's faces from surveillance footage, and many other enhanced identification uses. The device is small, easy to use and transport, and will be available at a fraction of the cost of traditional 3D scanners and devices."

Mr. Duron adds, "At BlueBear Network, we are dedicated to helping law enforcement keep our neighborhoods safe by providing the best biometric identification and information sharing technology available in a way that is easily deployed, totally integrated to existing systems and affordable for all police services from small detachments to large metropolitan police forces."