Security and Networked Video Webcast Now Available in Archives

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2005, teamed up with Marconi, and Marconi partners Girit Projects, VisioWave and AV Logic to present the first in a series of free webinars about new technology and paradigms in the world of security and video.

The webinar, which brought in such experts as Tim Ciocco from Marconi, Stephane Kerfers from Visiowave and Stuart Steinberg from Girit Projects, was a success, drawing a variety of end users, integrators and systems designers into a forum, and encouraging a broad range of discussion on what network strategies are for distributing security data and video.

The webinar has been archived, and is available here (registration required).

This first session will be followed up on March 9, 2005, with Security and Networked Video - Session 2: Implications for Image Storage and Retrieval. Register now for this upcoming event.