Mark Hillenburg Named DMP's Product Manager, Vertical Markets

DMP, Springfield, MO, has promoted former marketing manager Mark Hillenburg to Product Manager, Vertical Markets, where he will be among the first at the company to execute its newest dealer-direct vertical-market support strategy.

"My focus is on large-scale end-user needs," Hillenburg says. By consulting with national corporate clients in vertical markets such as banking and retail, he plans to provide integrated technology solutions with centralized project coordination. "We're bringing regional and national projects to multiple dealers with product packaging and project management," he adds, "and as a consequence pass on tremendous efficiencies to our customers."

The approach breaks through bottlenecks that can occur when manufacturers try to serve vertical markets. The strategy exploits DMPs well-known capacity to customize panel configurations for specific customers in short order. "We've always been a fast company when it comes to product development and decision making," Hillenburg says. "Now we're applying one of our greatest strengths in our approach to vertical markets."

Mark recently celebrated his nine-year anniversary at DMP.