Consortium Created to Develop Standards for 'Registered Traveler'

A group of airports working in collaboration with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) have joined together to establish common business rules and technical standards to create a permanent, interoperable Registered Traveler (RT) Program which will bring passenger screening consistency and improved security procedures to air travelers in the United States. It's in that spirit that the AAAE has organized a Registered Traveler Interoperability Consortium, created specifically to deal with issues of standards.

"Just as credit cards are accepted once issued at most businesses around the country, if you signed up as a Registered Traveler in Washington, D.C., you ought to be recognized as a Registered Traveler in Minneapolis or any other airport around the country," said Carter Morris, AAAE Senior Vice President, in a statement from the organization on Thursday. "The Registered Traveler Interoperability Consortium is a group of airports working together to create a platform that works seamlessly at individual airports around the country and in turn, facilitates Registered Traveler working everywhere."

The program has currently been implemented at a variety of airports, including Minneapolis-St. Paul, Reagan National, Houston, Boston and Orlando.

Airports involved in the founding of the consortium with the AAAE include Minneapolis-St. Paul International, Phoenix Sky Harbor, San Francisco International, Denver International, Reagan Washington International, Dulles International and Port of Columbus International Airport.

The consortium is open to more airports and technology/service providers. Interested parties can email the AAAE's Carter Morris at