KonaWare and IntelliMark enter into RFID Pact

KonaWare, a provider of logistics and motor freight applications on mobile devices, and IntelliMark, a national supplier of technology integration and support, have signed an agreement to pursue the use of handheld RFID interrogators for supply chain applications.

The companies said they will combine KonaWare's Mobile T&L Suite with IntelliMark's integration and RFID expertise to provide mobile RFID solutions to transportation and logistics providers.

"KonaWare and IntelliMark believe that Mobile RFID solutions incorporating handheld computers, RFID interrogators, and control software will provide superior ROI over fixed systems," said Jim DiSanto, CEO at KonaWare.

"KonaWare's applications extend the business process and data from supply chain systems to mobile RFID devices, even without 100 percent wireless coverage."

"Our relationship with KonaWare enables IntelliMark to offer more options to clients leveraging RFID technology," says Eric Heil, Vice President of IntelliMark. "KonaWare is one of the first companies to push an RFID software platform onto handhelds with the ability to collect and save data when the device is out of range of its wireless network and automatically synchronize the data when back in range. This technology provides the flexibility of using both fixed and mobile readers."