Demarc Expands Product Portfolio with New Threat Management Software

Demarc Security, a global provider of dynamic threat management solutions, today announced it has expanded the Sentarus product portfolio, launching a new Workgroup edition specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Sentarus Workgroup software provides integrated threat management incorporating network intrusion prevention, host-based intrusion detection, passive and active vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management, system integrity verification and total event correlation operated through a centralized management console. Previously available in an Enterprise edition, the new Sentarus Workgroup augments the product line with its tailored design to meet the needs of smaller networks, while providing the same high performance already associated with the Sentarus family of products-making it one of the most powerful, comprehensive network and host-based security solutions available for the SMB market. Sentarus Enterprise meets the needs of large, multi-national enterprises and service providers; Sentarus Workgroup is geared for the requirements of SMBs as well as divisions of multi-national enterprises and government agencies.

"The small business market now accounts for roughly 31% of total U.S. corporate IT expenditures, making it the second largest overall, behind only the enterprise market," said Victoria Fodale, Research Analyst with In-Stat. "As firms in this market continue to evolve, becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of the use of technology, small businesses are expected to account for a growing share of IT spending in the US business market moving forward."

SMBs and corporate divisions face specific network security challenges such as limited IT budgets, smaller IT staffs-usually without a highly experienced security professional or full-time security focus-yet they battle the same security threats as larger corporations including regulatory compliance requirements, often putting them often at greater risk. Faced with these issues, centralization, process automation and detailed reporting become increasingly more important for a strong security posture.

Designed from the ground up as a fully integrated network security solution, Sentarus Workgroup is easy to install, configure and deploy. Sentarus provides the ability to monitor and manage the network, correlating network and host-based events within a centralized graphical user interface; to automatically schedule passive and active vulnerability assessment scans on the network to ensure all devices connected to the network are up to date with the latest patches; to automatically monitor and re-start network services, and to automatically schedule and deliver reports on the health and security of the network supplying the centralization, automation and strong reporting required by SMBs.

"We were experiencing a heavy demand from existing and potential customers for an edition of Sentarus specifically designed for the challenges of smaller networks," said Brendan Rizzo, CEO of Demarc. "Many of these folks work in divisions of large multi-national enterprises or military agencies and are familiar with Sentarus because it's used by their head office. They wanted a similar solution to fit their own division's network requirements. We developed Sentarus Workgroup edition to round out our product portfolio with a threat management solution specifically designed to be responsive to this rapidly growing SMB market."

Sentarus Workgroup is available at for purchase or a free 30-day evaluation.