US Biometrics and SecuGen Reach Technology and Sales Agreement

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- US Biometrics,, a biometric technology software company based in Naperville, Illinois, announces a joint technology and sales agreement with SecuGen Corp., a biometric hardware and software company based in Santa Clara, CA.

Under the new agreement, US Biometrics is proud to announce that the newly released software product from SecuGen Corporation, the SecuGen(r) Secure Network Authentication Platform (SecuGen SNAP(tm)) is based upon technology licensed to SecuGen from US Biometrics. Alternatively, US Biometrics will license SecuGen's Hamster III optical biometric fingerprint reader.

"The melding of technological strengths will allow both companies to come to their respective markets with the most robust and complete fingerprint biometric products available in the marketplace," said David Delgrosso, President of US Biometrics.

According to Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales at SecuGen, "This agreement with US Biometrics will allow us to grow our software product line and allow us to expand our opportunities in building more complete hardware and software solutions for our customers."

In addition to technology licensed to companies for use in third party products, US Biometrics offers a suite of end user products utilizing biometric fingerprint technology which assures accurate authentication and identification of individuals for the financial services, security, corporate, governmental, healthcare, manufacturing, and educational industries. The suite of biometric solutions also includes VaultQ(tm) -- a more secure alternative to traditional card-and-signature safe-deposit box access; AccessQ(tm) -- a system that provides businesses a secure and convenient alternative or enhancement to passwords, badges, swipe cards, and PINs to protect against unauthorized access; PassQ(tm) -- a biometric mouse or stand alone unit requiring fingerprint identity verification to log into individual computers and networks; and Qrl(tm) -- an application using fingerprint biometrics to secure transactions made over the Internet.