National Scientific Corp. Announces Travado In-Vehicle Video and Positioning System

U.S. technology firm National Scientific Corp. announced a new family of products under the banner of Travado Technology. This platform integrates leading-edge real-time high-resolution streaming video over cellular with the company's well-known positioning and wireless systems. Travado combines all these advanced systems into a modular, cost-effective platform designed for the stringent demands of in-vehicle use.

With Travado technology, a new standard is being set for real-time safety and security control for mobile environments. Travado has numerous applications, from law enforcement, to military and homeland defense initiatives, and to child safety on America's largest public transportation system, school buses. The target market solutions will include a combination of National Scientific's expertise and technologies in GPS systems, WiFi, high-speed cellular telemetry, biometric identification, RFID, remote engine performance monitoring and more, combined in a variety of new lines and models to meet specific and exacting customer requirements in each market segment.

In addition, the company built Travado to be expandable and open to Linux developers and other related communities, so that other OEMs can profit by taking the platform to new applications and areas.

"For the last three years, National Scientific has been building expertise with the core technologies that underlie our new Travado platform," said Michael Grollman, chief executive officer. "Our long-term goal with each of these vertical solutions has been to build toward a fully integrated system, that could combine our technologies with real-time full motion IP video and audio over WiFi or cellular, making it possible to offer safety- and security-oriented users the ability to have real-time eyes and ears in any kind of vehicle, along with complete telemetry on location and other vehicle sensors."

"The Travado family of products leads off initially with Travado-IBUS, the Travado technology solution for school buses that incorporates real-time streaming video with automated rider authentication and GPS tracking," said Graham Clark, company president. "We have been building technology around this child safety application area for a number of years, and we can now offer a flexible, upgradeable route from basic secure digital video capture to full real-time location-aware picture/biometric identification. Travado technology therefore offers a complete solution to schools that achieves unprecedented levels of rider safety enhancement with extremely cost-effective deployment."

"The Travado technology platform is a major next step in our development as a company," said Grollman. "We are very proud of what our team has accomplished. Expect to hear a lot more about Travado technology soon."