Honeywell Introduces Two New Wireless Transmitters

Honeywell has released two wireless transmitters that are perfect for discreet applications. The 5818MN Wireless Recessed Transmitter provides concealed protection for doors and windows and the 5800Micra window transmitter virtually disappears when installed.

"These two new transmitters are the perfect answer for end users who are looking for products that do not interfere with their room's aesthetics," explains Kevin Piel, product manager for Honeywell Security & Custom Electronics.

Wireless Recessed Transmitter
The 5818MN wireless recessed transmitter measures just 3/4" in diameter and provides concealed protection for doors and windows, making it perfect for discreet applications. It installs quickly and easily in doors and windows and is compatible with all 5800 Series wireless devices.

Wireless Recessed Window Transmitter
When aesthetics and discretion are critical, use Honeywell's new patented 5800Micra Wireless Recessed Window Transmitter. So small, it virtually disappears when installed. "Typically when installers drill holes in vinyl windows, the warranty is voided. The 5800Micra eliminates that concern, because the compact design is engineered to allow installers to shallow-recess the contact while maintaining the exterior integrity of the vinyl window," says Piel.

The 5800Micra has a 10-year battery life and a long transmitting range.