Global ePoint's AirWorks' Cockpit Door Surveillance System Chosen by Major Airlines

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif -- Global ePoint, Inc. today announced that a major European airline and a major Middle Eastern international airline has ordered AirWorks' Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS).

Air Berlin, a major Germany based airline, has ordered AirWorks' Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS) for 48 Boeing 737 next generation aircraft with options that include installation kits and installation services. This order includes AirWorks' latest version of the CDSS system that features a 5.1-inch touch screen monitor mounted to an overhead panel between the two pilots. The touch screen feature enables the pilots to interact with the system to achieve multiple camera views.

"This enhancement to our product, coupled with the dual monitor system, allows AirWorks to meet the requirements of any airline," commented Ricky Frick, AirWorks' President. "From offering pilots the ability to observe the entrance outside of the cockpit door and surrounding area, to a comprehensive surveillance solution for the entire aircraft, to the integration of our proprietary Electronic Flight Bag, Airworks CDSS system offer a unique combination of surveillance needs and cockpit convenience. We are well-prepared to meet pending requirements from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) regarding the mounting of security cameras and surveillance recording in the aircraft."

The second airline is a major Middle East carrier that has purchased 19 AirWorks' CDSS systems thru Lufthansa Technik, who recently entered into a Marketing Agreement with Airworks. The aircraft involved include the Boeing 777, 747, and Airbus A340, A320, and A310. In addition, Airworks has been contracted to perform the installations of these systems, our installation team will be on site for approximately one month to complete this project. The initial system includes the standard AirWorks CDSS with two 6.4-inch touch screen monitors and three cameras in the cabin area just outside the cockpit door and in the surrounding forward cabin area. Additionally, the system will be equipped with Ethernet harnesses, allowing for an immediate expansion into AirWorks' Electronic Flight Bag system which utilizes an 8.4-inch SVGA monitor, these monitors will be installed on the Boeing 777s.