WJ Creates New RFID Card in Ultra-Compact Package

WJ Communications, Inc. today announced a technological breakthrough for small, ubiquitous RFID readers--the multi-protocol MPR 6000 RFID Card in a standard PCMCIA Type II package. The MPR 6000 RFID Card implements the EPCglobal(tm) Class 0, and Class 1 RFID standards and is also designed for UHF Gen 2 functionality via a firmware upgrade. The reader will work with any standard Type II PCMCIA card socket and is ideal for printer, handheld, fixed, applicator and other integrated RFID systems where performance and cost are critical. The MPR 6000 RFID Card can provide many existing bar code reader and printer products with PCMCIA Type II slots with RFID Class 0 and Class 1 capability. The standard Type II PCMCIA package ensures ease of use and simplifies system engineering and integration tasks, just insert the MPR 6000 card into a standard PCMCIA Type II socket and operate the RFID reader through a simple graphical user interface. In addition, the MPR 6000 RFID Card enables anyone with a computer, laptop computer, or Tablet PC equipped with a Type II PCMCIA slot to read and write/program RFID tags and enables small business and consumer applications for RFID. WJ will begin production shipments of the MPR 6000 RFID Card in Q4, 2004, and the product will be sold to OEMs and distribution. WJ will have live demonstrations of the MPR 6000 RFID Card at the Frontline Solutions 2004 Expo held at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL, September 13-15, 2004, booth #916.

"The need for compact, capable RFID readers with low power consumption is being driven by the industry's need for more ubiquitous, lower cost RFID reader products of all types. The MPR 6000 RFID Card we believe is unique in enabling these applications and in expanding the RFID market," said Michael Farese, Chief Executive Officer and President for WJ Communications. "The MPR 6000 RFID Card will provide small and medium size businesses in addition to large companies better access to RFID equipment and applications. The ability of the MPR 6000 RFID Card to upgrade existing bar code equipment and its ability to read both EPC(tm) Class 0 and EPC(tm) Class 1 RFID tags is an important advantage for business users. The MPR 6000 RFID Card is a technological breakthrough enabling business users and personal consumers alike. We believe that the MPR 6000 RFID Card will stimulate the deployment of RFID applications in business and the rate of RFID adoption."

The MPR 6000 is based on the EPC Class 0 and EPC 1 air interface protocols. Each MPR can read EPC Class 0 and EPC Class 1 tags and program/write EPC Class 1 tags. The MPR 6000 has been tested with various RFID tag brands, and each reader has two separate antenna ports. Each selectable antenna port performs both transmit and receive functions simultaneously. Multiple ports and MMCX antenna connections guarantee the flexibility to use standard or custom antennas based on specific system requirements. Control of the reader is performed via high-speed parallel communications over the PCMCIA bus through the standard 68-pin PCMCIA connector. The reader operates on only 5 volts and the PC Card(tm) format greatly simplifies RFID reader installation, setup and operation. The compact PCMCIA type II form factor is realized using highly integrated WJ semiconductors.