New Firm, WMCII, Offers Homeland Security Solutions

FLOSSMOOR, Ill., -- As the international community continues to face escalating acts of terrorism, the United States is leading an aggressive approach to ensure public safety and protect its infrastructure through preparedness efforts and priority setting. Businesses throughout the nation are challenged with developing and implementing innovative strategies that address security issues and threats. Federal regulations require businesses to develop plans that ensure safety, update technological systems, and implement proactive measures.

WMCII - Homeland Security Consultants LLC is a professional organization that assists businesses with assessing their needs as they determine the best plan for their organization and compliance with the federal government. WMCII delivers homeland security solutions that support agencies as they develop and implement strategies affecting policies, security and technology.

"We are committed to addressing the issues of homeland security that affect our nation. WMCII not only provides technical support to assess requirements, we also assist clients in leveraging their existing resources to provide cost-effective fail-safe solutions," said President and Founder Henry P. Washington. WMCII's veteran staff assists businesses by using an integrated approach to address regulatory, public policy, and risk management issues that effectively address specific client concerns.

A multi-disciplinary approach to tackling issues is what makes WMCII successful in delivering the best homeland security options to the organizations it serves. In addition to providing technological expertise, WMCII also provides on-going education and consultation with clients to ensure real world methodology is incorporated into their individual plans.

"Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide resources and state-of- the-art technology to our customers. It's part of our on-going commitment to provide the most efficient, cost-effective, and technologically advanced product that is available," said Washington.

Jayne Rios, Marketing and Business Development Director with Collocation Solutions, believes WMCII, under the direction of Washington, is one of the most credible companies Collocation has worked with in the area of Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery. "Our company does not have a technical consultant on staff to help companies with BC issues and/or training. We feel very confident when we send a prospect or client to WMCII; we know they will get the job done properly and with insurmountable expertise."

WMCII's other strategic partners include Cisco Systems, Rentsys Recovery Services, Ascendent Systems, and IBM.