Using CCTV in Specialty Vehicles

Rainbow CCTV's zoom lenses ( auto iris are being used extensively by Odyssey Automotive Specialty, one of the country's leading niche vehicle suppliers.

New Jersey-based Odyssey Automotive Specialty supplies a range of vehicles from SUV and sedan response units to rescue and utility vehicles for the emergency services, box trucks, cargo vans, law enforcement van conversions and custom trailers for special events and handling of casualties or decontamination situations.

"With homeland security an overriding concern we are working ever closer with clients to integrate security surveillance into command vehicles," said Adam Grecco, project engineer at Odyssey. "Our partners and clients commonly employ feeds over the Internet of video, audio and other real-time data. The Rainbow zoom lenses are helping us in our search for optimum client solutions and are giving the exceptional quality of image we want."

Some of Odyssey's most high-profile vehicles are tactical motorcade response units which function as covert ambulances for traveling dignitaries.

The Rainbow lenses have been used by Odyssey for government installations in Washington DC which are designed to look like a common contractor's vehicle but in fact contain sophisticated periscopes. In this application the Rainbow lenses have consistently outperformed competitors, dovetailing well with the remote control devices that operate the periscopes. Similar set-ups have been employed for the New York City Police.

Odyssey also uses Rainbow lenses in large bomb disposal vehicles. These 25-foot box trucks feature robots which are used to dismantle armaments. While the robots are fitted with multiple cameras the vehicles also feature camera tower systems to give an overall view of the locale. It is here that the zoom lenses are employed, with field of view being a crucial consideration.

About the lenses
Rainbow's motorized zoom lenses with video type auto iris of the kind used in these applications are supplied in 1/3", ˝", 2/3" and 1" cameras formats, and are available with a wide variety of focal lengths. All the motorized zooms are available with presets. They feature all-glass optics and are color corrected. The units are covered by a four-year warranty.