Bulldog Technologies Releases RB-600 RoadBOSS for Cargo Security

RICHMOND, British Columbia -- Bulldog Technologies Inc., a leading provider of wireless cargo security applications announced today the release of the RB-600 RoadBOSS security solution, designed for securing and monitoring items in the transportation supply chain.

The RB-600 is an integration of a GPS receiver, a GSM/GPRS modem, motion sensor and security seal into one compact device. When attached to the locking rods of any container or transport vehicle, the RB-600 provides a simple, reusable security and tracking device that provides the real-time knowledge of a secure cargo shipment, and the ability to locate that shipment anywhere in the world with GSM coverage.

The demand from customers for the features of the new RB-600 RoadBOSS(TM) has been overwhelming. The RB-600 provides several unique product enhancements over the existing RoadBOSS(TM) System. By embedding the GSM/GPRS data modem, GPS receiver and security seal in one removable/reusable device, the operator can selectively choose which loads are to be secured independent of the tractor, thus eliminating the expense of hard wiring a tracking system into each tractor or trailer.

The RB-600 interfaces with the Bulldog Security Gateway software platform providing an advanced software interface that allows the user to secure, track and monitor supply chain goods in a container or transport vehicle anywhere, anytime. Additional, features of the application include off-route monitoring with a generated security profile. Check-in time can be set to any interval of time.

Additional features of RB-600 include a dual mode LED (green/red) for quick evaluation of security alerts. The device can be supplied with a re-chargeable or a disposable battery. The re-chargeable battery has a life between charges of approximately 2 months with a 15 minute check-in interval and approximately 6 months with a 60 minute check-in interval.

The device is made from a ruggedized, impact resistant plastic alloy, which is durable enough to withstand the environments routinely faced by containers and transport vehicles moving through the supply chain. The technical design and attachment method used in the development of this module has been issued U.S. patent licenses and will be submitted for international patents.

Heetor Wald, CTO for Bulldog Technologies stated, "The Bulldog engineering team has developed a leading edge application that fills a major gap in securing and tracking supply chain items. Bulldog is the first company to develop a security application with such robust functionality that can be deployed worldwide. By combining security and asset tracking in one device, operational costs are significantly reduced thus providing a stronger business case in supply chain security and improving customers ROI."