InterAct Well Positioned to Serve Homeland Security Needs

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- InterAct Public Safety Systems is currently displaying at the 24th Annual NENA Conference how its full line of public safety technology systems are well positioned to help local, state, national and international government agencies meet the data-sharing and interoperability challenges recommended by the 9-11 Commission's homeland security report.

The commission's report, released in late 2004, urged agencies to share data more broadly than ever before in an effort to catch criminals and guard against future threats. It recommended agencies integrate new technologies and enact new procedures to meet the country's evolving homeland security needs.

InterAct addresses these data-sharing and interoperability issues with a number of its industry-leading products, including its InterAct Public Safety Portal and its Super-Enhanced 9-1-1 systems.

InterAct is displaying these and other capabilities this week at the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference in Long Beach, Calif.

The InterAct Public Safety Portal (IPSP) is a complete message switch solution providing connectivity between mobile- and LAN-based applications. IPSP bridges the data-sharing gap between agencies by incorporating the Department of Justice's XML-compliant formatting interface features.

IPSP provides data monitoring functionality that serves as a virtual investigator. Potentially valuable information that was once hidden from other agencies can now by accessed to solve crimes or spot trends in criminal activity.

In the post-9/11 environment, agencies are recognizing the need to access data across jurisdictions and share data in secure ways. This is particularly important when dealing with terrorist cells that have little in common and are difficult to track. It is also an important capability for individual agencies looking for patterns of criminal activity that stretch across counties and states.

"Just as criminal activity has become more sophisticated, so too must law enforcement's response to these ever evolving challenges," said Andrew J. "Flip" Filipowski, Chairman and CEO of InterAct Public Safety Systems. "Here at InterAct we take pride in delivering the state-of-the-art tools public safety agencies need to access multiple databases, connect in a data-neutral format and sort out patterns of activity in a quick and easy manner."

InterAct has a long list of local, state, national and international customers that are taking advantage of IPSP's capabilities.

InterAct has implemented a cross-agency, multi-jurisdictional data-sharing deployment in one state that meets the new standard and requirement of interoperability for all federal homeland security grants.

The software suite provided by InterAct handles operational support for first-responders and includes computer-aided dispatch, records, fire and personnel management, crime mapping, geographic information systems, warrants and a case management system. This enables different agencies to tap into each other's databases and track criminal movements and clues across jurisdictions.

InterAct also is helping the U.S. Postal Inspection Service advance its own data-sharing capabilities. It has installed a pair of systems - using computer-aided dispatch, GIS and IPSP functions -- in Washington, D.C., and Dallas, giving the agency the ability to coordinate its investigations from coast to coast.

InterAct's expertise extends to the areas of Super-Enhanced 9-1-1, computer-aided dispatching, geographical information systems, NCIC 2-way interface, ALI database, mapping and addressing, public safety portals, records management systems, jail management systems, fire management systems, state repository systems, emergency notification systems, 3-1-1 non-emergency communications, and mobile solutions.

The company is growing quickly, serving a U.S. population of more than 40 million citizens in 377 communities in 20 states. It also has been successful in making inroads in Eastern Europe and is pursuing other implementations in the international arena.

InterAct is continuing its history of innovation by integrating cutting-edge private-sector technologies to offer a wider range of solutions. Integration with the TrueSentry digital video surveillance system and MissionMode Solutions enables enhanced emergency notification that can be triggered by video alerts and features the facilitation of team collaboration in a secure online environment.

InterAct will display its new capabilities with MissionMode's emergency notification systems and the TrueSentry digital video surveillance system at the NENA conference.