Universal Guardian Awarded Canadian Embassy Security Contract

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc., an emerging global leader in non- lethal protection products and security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and security threats to governments and businesses worldwide, today announced that its Secure Risks Strategic Security subsidiary has been awarded a tactical security services contract in support of the Canadian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

"Our operations in Afghanistan have been receiving recognition from governments, NGO, military and commercial interests operating in the country to the point that our operations have been generating considerable new and expanded contract awards.," stated Bruce Braes, Secure Risks-SSSI Managing Director. "The success of our business model in Afghanistan has also brought inquiries from our expanding, high profile, client list to extend contracted services to their operations in other countries in regions around the world," added Mr. Braes.

"As we continue to expand our client roster with new contract awards from high profile clients the opportunities to cross-sell our product line is becoming more and more effective," said Universal Guardian CEO Mike Skellern. "Our clients have expressed a need to implement a balanced security response approach -- they don't want a situation where their security checkpoint operatives might potentially use lethal force, when a non-lethal response might have been more appropriate," added Mr. Skellern.