Quantum Secure partners with AAAE Transportation Security Clearinghouse

Automation of key TSC services simplifies registration, upload, status and reporting of CHRC/STA checks

• Utilize the airport's existing security infrastructure to create a browser- or web-based centralized credential management system

• Provide a sophisticated rules-based workflow engine to streamline security operations with the ability to view, manage and control credential enrollment

• Provision and revoke access privileges from an airport's centralized database

• Automate security reporting across a single or multiple systems including biometrics and physical access control systems (regardless of brand) for centralized auditing and reporting

An early adopter of the BASIC program, San Francisco International Airport (SFIA) has utilized the Quantum Secure SAFE for Airports platform to streamline operations and integrate to the TSC fully as part of the BASIC effort. A category X airport that handles over 40-million passengers each year, SFIA has been exempt from several of the manual STA reports required per the TSA regulations and has realized great efficiencies and operational cost savings.

"We are extremely excited regarding our partnership with the TSC," said Laurie Aaron, Vice President of Business Development for Quantum Secure. "We have proven to help airports take advantage of the TSC's Automated Integrated Services and look to the future as defined by the BASIC Concept of Operations, resulting in significant cost reductions and laying the foundation for a perpetual compliance strategy for airports. By automating all processes connected to identity vetting, credentialing and access provisioning, airports can be more efficient than ever before while maintaining compliance with all TSA regulations surrounding airport worker identity verification."