Dedicated Micros lifts HDD surcharges

Chantilly, VA, January 31, 2012 - CCTV specialist Dedicated Micros - part of AD Group - announces that it is lifting HDD surcharges across all of its products and for all sizes of HDD, including 1TB drives.

"We are pleased to announce that despite the ongoing HDD shortage we are able to lift HDD surcharges on all Dedicated Micros DVR/NVR products which contain HDDs, from 30th January 2012. We are taking this action to support our users worldwide as we understand the need to provide a competitive advantage adding to the benefits which can only be achieved by committing to Dedicated Micros products," said Pauline Norstrom, Vice President, Dedicated Micros Inc.

Products covered by this commitment include the Dedicated Micros range of Hybrid DVRs/NVRs and Enterprise Video Servers.