BRS Labs joins CNL Software’s Technology Alliance Program

GLOBAL RELEASE – February 7, 2012 – CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software and BRS Labs Inc., innovators of the industry's first behavioral recognition solution for video surveillance, jointly announce today a technology partnership between the two companies. The partnership, under the CNL Software's Technology Alliance Program (TAP), will allow the companies to share development kits, thus creating close integration between their products. The integration will bring together industry leading incident analytics with industry leading situation management software.

AISight, created by BRS Labs, is the industry's first behavioral recognition solution for the video surveillance industry that observes, learns and responds to unusual activity, and memorizes these behavioral patterns as well as objects over a period of time. Specifically designed to autonomously serve as the eyes and brain for critical security environments, AISight, is able to integrate with existing video surveillance infrastructure and identify unusual and suspicious behavioral patterns in real time. This advanced video surveillance technology is currently deployed across multiple verticals and is being actively specified into security projects across the globe.

No human is required to define parameters for the software to recognize specific behavior or objects, as it autonomously reports unusual or suspicious behaviors based on memories it has acquired over time, which significantly reduces the risk of missed events.

"CNL Software continues to optimize and improve the efficiencies of its PSIM product, IPSecurityCenter. The AISight integration will add substantial performance advantages in identifying incidents and trends, while IPSecurityCenter will ensure they are accurately responded to," said John Frazzini, President at BRS Labs.

"We are excited to be partnering with BRS Labs as they have a unique product in the market place. Together we have a shared vision of increasing the efficiency of control rooms by reducing the amount of human intervention needed, which not only reduces costs but also reduces the potential for operator error," commented Adlan Hussain, Marketing Manager at CNL Software.