Aiphone GT Series video system complies with new Massachusetts Building Code

Bellevue, WA – (February 16, 2012) – Aiphone Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of intercom and entry security products, announces that the GT Series, its newest generation of multi-tenant color video systems, seamlessly complies with new amendments added to the Massachusetts Building Code. These new regulations require that a closed circuit security camera system be incorporated in any building with ten or more apartments, so that occupants can utilize their personal television sets to observe who is seeking entrance to the building. The unrivaled design simplicity, technical excellence and product scalability of the Aiphone GT Series provides several significant advantages for owners looking to adhere to this amendment.

"Since these regulations were released, we've seen a lot of building managers struggle with various solutions, including attempting to add modulators to a wide variety of digital CATV systems, or separate wire installations for residents using satellite systems," states Bradley Kamcheff, Senior Marketing Specialist for Aiphone Corporation.

"The GT Series, with its simple two pair common wiring, eliminates the extra expenses and pitfalls associated with these kinds of setups."

The GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate hands-free to a maximum of 16 entry panels and four security guard stations.The 170-degree entry station camera with PanTilt Zoom provides complete entry visibility. Entry panels can be easily configured in either direct select, digital keypad or one-piece stainless steel.

"For Massachusetts building owners looking for a unified way to comply with the new building code, the GT Series offers a truly comprehensive solution," states Kamcheff. "Implementing this system not only aligns with the new Massachusetts building code, but does so in an effortless manner to offer the ultimate level of building monitoring and security. The GT Series adds value to the building by securing the entrances and providing peace of mind to the tenants living in the building."

Currently, several levels of tenant stations are available with the GT Series. Options include:

Entry level, audio-only handset (GT-1D) and hands-free (GT-1A) unitsMore sophisticated color video handset unit (GT-1M-L) and hands-free unit with PanTilt zoom control (GT-1C).For ultimate security, the fully equipped GT-2C unit can record visitors for later playback, offer in-suite security, concierge tie-in, PanTilt zoom control, video door stations for each tenant and multiple units in each apartment for internal communication.

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