Napco Security Systems Inc

NAPCO’s Gemini C-Series commercial fire and burglar panel installs nationally

AMITYVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NAPCO Security Technologies, one of the world's leading suppliers of high performance electronic security equipment for over 30 years, announces Gemini C-Series Combination product (GEM C), its UL approved commercial fire and burglar panel, is being installed nationally, according to dealer feedback the company has received.

GEM C is a new vertical offshoot product line for NAPCO, which in the past has focused on residential and small commercial fire/burglary systems for retail stores and homes. This new product has enabled NAPCO to embark into the big commercial fire systems market and is well suited for large buildings of all types, including factories and schools. GEM C offers ten times the revenue of traditional fire and burglary products. There are many more components required in a commercial fire system, such as a heavy duty redundant circuitry and power supply, a large enclosure for extra standby batteries, call for help consumer "pull stations", and alerting "strobe lights," resulting in a bigger sale.

GEM C won best new product at the 2011 International Security Conference (ISC) West show, as vetted by security industry veterans. NAPCO believes the Gemini C-Series Combination product is the most advanced "all in one" sophisticated fire and burglary security system in the industry.

Feedback from the installations of GEM C came from areas such as Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Montana, Utah and Oregon. Comments included, "Using the GEM C resulted in a significant labor and equipment saving, allowing more aggressive bidding and winning of business." "Thrilled with the ease of installation and programming ability to have fire, burglary and access off of one system." "Impressed with the cost and efficiency of the panels and all of the features and capabilities; ordering 10 more panels and very satisfied to date." "Everything is back to one cabinet, one panel to program, and one panel to report. It is much easier for the customer to interface with this combined unit."

Richard Soloway, Chairman and CEO of NAPCO Security Technologies commented "GEM C is one of several new products we are rolling out and the initial reaction has been very favorable and should build upon the legacy products that have continuous sales to our dealer network. As I have stated previously, because of our fixed infrastructure and low cost manufacturing facility, additional top line revenue should give us increased leverage with respect to our Gross Margin and Net Income. Because our highly technical products are not impulse sales items, such as selling batteries at the cash register in a store, we need to educate the thousands upon thousands of dealers to learn about the product, trial it, gain confidence of its technology and ease of use over a period of time, and then get adoption for all their future jobs. We are in the midst of this educational process right now."

"As we educate dealers and receive feedback, we want to share that with investors. For competitive reasons we do not share the individual product sales figures, but announce dealer feedback today, so that the investment community can have tangible data points for the product's sales process, reception and potential," Mr. Soloway concluded.