IQeye from Vicon

IQinVision expands warranty program

San Juan Capistrano, CA, March 6, 2012—IQinVision (, market leader in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras, today announced that it is expanding its highly-popular product warranty program to include the Alliance dome family and the new 3 Series cameras.

The IQinVision 5-year "No Exceptions" warranty is being extended to the entire Alliance dome family—Alliance-pro, Alliance-mx, Alliance-mini—and to the new 3 Series cameras. All other IQeye cameras enjoy a 3-year warranty period. Setting it well apart from other camera manufacturers, IQinVision's warranty covers all moving parts, sensors, filters, fans, motors, lens assemblies, shrouds, and slip rings. No exceptions, no excuses; the IQinVision warranty covers it all.

IQinVision ensures consistent, superior camera quality through a highly focused engineering, design and testing process for each and every camera, onsite at its San Juan Capistrano, California headquarters.

"Our warranty program matches what our end users tell us and what the performance metrics prove," said Rob Ledenko, IQinVision EVP, "that our cameras deliver the best quality out of the box and over years of performance in the field, under all types of conditions. We were the first into the megapixel market over 12 years ago, and since then a number of players have entered this market. Yet, we still stand above the competition by offering superior quality and reliability and backing that claim up with the best, most customer-friendly warranty in the business. If you are not using, installing, or specifying IQinVision cameras, this warranty program invites you to get to know our award-winning IQeye cameras, practically risk-free."

IQinVision's "No Excuses" warranty policy covers all IQinVision cameras from the date of purchase beginning March 1st, 2012.