Laradon deploys cloud-based access control solution

Colorado non-profit protects 8-acre campus and 800 staff and students with Brivo's ACS WebService

Green and her staff use the Brivo systems' alert and report functions as needed to provide them with real-time information for incident investigations. There's one other nice side benefit to their Brivo system, "All employees have their access cards attached to their IDs. This has been a natural way to improve our staff more consistently wearing their IDs. We like that."

"Ultimately, we are responsible for the people we serve and our special population is at greater risk. Many don't understand dangerous situations and they cannot defend themselves. We are their eyes and ears. It is critical that we provide quality services in a safe and nurturing environment. The Brivo system allows us to do that. It takes away many things we no longer have to worry about. We are incredibly satisfied with our Brivo system and Key-Rite Security has been very responsive to our needs," Green concluded.

For more information on the Brivo Online Access Control System, contact Brivo toll–free at 1-866-692-7486, option 1 or email To view a demo, visit