Wren Solutions

Wren announces customer relationship with Big Y

ATLANTA, March 13, 2012 -- Wren Solutions today announced the launch of its retail audit software offering, Encapsulon Assessment, as well as a new customer relationship with Big Y, a supermarket chain operating 61 stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Encapsulon Assessment enables loss prevention and store operations professionals to streamline and simplify the process of designing, conducting, and following up on audits. With this easy to use retail audit software, organizations of any kind can optimize operations, address problem areas, and correct issues in a timely manner to reduce shrink and keep their retail businesses running smoothly.

Big Y, which participated in the Encapsulon Assessment early adopter program for several months, realized the transformative value of the software solution almost immediately. "Encapsulon Assessment has streamlined and simplified our audit process dramatically. The ability to audit all procedures, policies, programs and training is vital to our business, and with Assessment the whole process is easier, faster and more effective," said Mark Gaudette, director of loss prevention for Big Y.

The grocer previously utilized a legacy audit system, which was extremely time and labor-intensive. Maureen Fuller, Big Y's loss prevention field manager noted; "Now, not only can we conduct the audits quickly with an iPad, the application automatically gives me a snapshot of performance across stores once audits have been completed."

With all of the audits grocers must implement regularly, the ease-of-use delivered with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retail audit solution is immensely vital in creating efficiencies across the organization.

Encapsulon Assessment is poised to transform the retail loss prevention arena. The industry has been largely unsuccessful in reducing the rate of retail shrink, which has risen over the past five years. According to the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), auditing is a leading predictor of shrink in retail. "Thorough and regular audits are a powerful predictor of individual store performance," said Dr. Read Hayes, director of the LPRC.

"We are very excited to see Encapsulon Assessment taking off in the retail market so quickly," said Andrew Wren, CEO of Wren Solutions. "Working with Big Y has been a great experience and it's exciting to see how they are using Assessment every day to run their organization more efficiently. I think they will be a great example to grocers and retailers across the board, proving that companies can finally get a handle on shrink reduction when they take on an operational perspective and audit regularly."