Austin Recovery deploys RedCloud Enterprise

ISC West 2012 – Las Vegas, NV – March 27, 2012 – RedCloud, formerly known as PlaSec,
today announced that Austin Recovery, a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center in Texas, has deployed RedCloud Enterprise, a scalable, web-based, access control network appliance system, to easily manage security across multiple facilities from any browser and provide patients and families with improved peace of mind.

Austin Recovery provides affordable, effective and compassionate care for those struggling with addiction. Its staff of 200 nurses, licensed chemical dependency counselors, direct care staff and administrative professionals focus on over 3,000 clients from around the nation and their families each year. Founded in 1967, Austin Recovery now operates almost 100,000 square feet of building space across three facilities on over 50 acres, with separate men and women's residential programs.

"A safe and secure environment is essential to the process of recovery," said Jonathan Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer, Austin Recovery. "Providing our patients, visitors, counselors and staff with specific building access privileges on an hourly, daily or monthly basis is critical for us to manage who has access to which facilities at certain times during the course of our concurrent 30- and 90-day recovery and treatment programs."

Based on these requirements, Austin Recovery selected Knight Security Systems, a leading security systems provider and a RedCloud authorized integrator, to develop a comprehensive solution to meet their needs, including integrated access control, identity management and video integration, while also supporting open IP field hardware and web-based administration.

"Given the continual flow of people and clients that visit Austin Recovery each year, they needed an access control solution that could manage a large amount of identities and scale across all of their campuses," said Christopher Hugman, P.E., Vice President, Knight Security
Systems. "RedCloud Enterprise was a perfect fit."

Unlike legacy, client/server-based access control systems, RedCloud Enterprise fully integrates with existing identity management systems and HR employee databases and synchronizes identities, roles and policies across all RedCloud network appliances and door controllers in real-time, so security settings are up-to-date at all times, without organizations needing to maintain separate database servers at each facility or manually updating and duplicating employee and visitor information on site.

"RedCloud Enterprise was purpose-built for organizations that need to maintain building security at multiple sites and locations, such as Austin Recovery and its treatment campuses," said Terry Neely, RedCloud President and CTO. "RedCloud Enterprise is the industry's first and only physical access control system that allows organizations to assign building access privileges to the identities that exist in their logical access systems to deliver a new standard in performance, scalability and efficiency that can only be achieved through convergence."

Because RedCloud Enterprise enables seamless integration with IT and logical security
systems, Knight Security Systems was able to fully integrate the RedCloud access control
system with Austin Recovery's Active Directory installation, allowing security directors to
automatically suspend both building and network access simultaneously if an alarm was
triggered at a specific campus facility and immediately stream video from a nearby Exacq IP
camera location if a tailgate alarm was detected.

RedCloud Enterprise is a web-based, access control network appliance that enables
organizations of all sizes to secure their facilities, people and assets at anytime, anywhere from any standard web browser and is exclusively available through a nationwide network of authorized integrators.