Uplink 'futureproofs' alarm security

ATLANTA, GA, March 13, 2012 –Uplink, a trusted source in the security industry for alarm communicators since 1996, announced today it has launched a Lifetime Guarantee for all of its 2G cellular communicators. Alarm companies will be able to enroll individual Uplink 2G units in the guarantee program for a nominal set monthly fee. Should enrolled devices be rendered inoperable by a permanent, carrier-initiated change in the type of cellular service, Uplink will provide an exchange unit to the alarm company. In addition, the guarantee plan includes existing installed products against defects for as long as the communicator is enrolled in the program.

"With all the confusion and misinformation on lifecycle of 2G technology, Uplink makes cellular communications simple and worry-free for the alarm industry. No one knows when or if cellular carriers will transition permanently from 2G to 3G or for that matter from 3G to 4G. Our guarantee is perfect for alarm dealers that are worried about the unknown amount or timing of future costs due to potential cellular technology changes. The guarantee can eliminate a dealer's risk of a large equipment expense for a low monthly fee." said Michael Boyle, General Manager of Uplink.

"Uplink and our partners plan to support the operation of the installed base of Uplink 2G alarm communicators late into the decade or longer. But our Lifetime Guarantee means that if 2G service is permanently discontinued, Uplink will provide an exchange unit with newer technology to the enrolling dealer." Boyle added.

The Lifetime Guarantee is available to alarm companies only. Alarm companies may enroll their active Uplink 2G communicators in the Lifetime Guarantee plan now. Standard terms and conditions apply to the Lifetime Guarantee program and can be reviewed at www.uplink.com.

Uplink is now led by Michael J. Boyle, who brings significant experience in the area of alarm monitoring and security. Mike is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Telular, a company that provides remote monitoring solutions.