Sony highlights hybrid solutions and solution partners at ISC West

New security monitors, analog cameras show ‘best-of-breed’

Las Vegas (ISC WEST, Sony Booth # 22025) March 28, 2012 – Sony's Security Systems Division is inaugurating a new era today with the opening of the ISC West 2012 exhibition. The arrival of Sony IPELA Hybrid Camera Surveillance Video Solutions, the industry's first network cameras capable of simultaneously transmitting both analog standard and high-definition images over a single coaxial cable, changes the longstanding either/or choice between analog or IP-network cameras. Hybrid Solutions offers a "both/and" strategy for customers seeking a staged migration from analog adding network camera capabilities as needed.

Besides the new Hybrid Solutions being demonstrated, other Sony technological innovations on display include two new HD security monitors that serve as the front-end for an integrated monitoring system. Also, XI's Wide Area Monitoring, View-DR dynamic range enhancement technology as well as newly advanced analog cameras are being shown. Other announcements include a forthcoming line of Sony "Made in Japan" security products designed to comply with the Trade Agreements Act for U.S. Government customers.

Alongside product introductions and advancements, Sony Security's solution partners are showing this technology in action across key vertical markets including:

• 3VR Video Intelligence Platform, for the banking and financial industry;

• Milestone Systems IP Video Management Software, for transportation & city surveillance

• Envysion Video-Driven Business Intelligence, for retail and entertainment

• VidSys Physical Security Information Management, transportation & port security.

• Next Level Security Systems, for retail and small/medium businesses

"ISC West typically marks a new year and a new season in the security industry, but with the arrival of Sony IPELA Hybrid Solutions at the show, we're seeing the start of a new era," said Mark Collett, General Manager, Sony Security Systems Division. "This creates a new category that takes us beyond the old Analog vs. IP discussion and will start new conversations about adding HD and other capabilities to coax-based customers."

He added that Hybrid Solutions are just one of many headliners at the Sony booth at this year's show. Sony's focus on solutions, too, is front-and-center with Solution Partners showing innovative applications for key security markets.

ISC West 2012 also marks the first for Collett as a member of the Security Industry

Association's (SIA) Board of Directors. His first meeting on the board took place last night on the eve of the opening of the exhibition.

Sony will be participating in an educational panel discussion during of the conference.

"Securing University Campuses Through the Deployment of PoE-Enabled IP Cameras and Access Control Devices" featuring Allen Chan, Sr. Product Manager, Security Systems Division on Thursday, March 29 from 2:45pm - 3:45pm.

New Cameras, Monitors Expand Options & Efficiency

Sony Security's hand-in-glove relationship between innovation and practical application is evident in the new products on display at ISC West 2012. Sony's established reputation for research and development is focused by continual feedback from customers. The end result is products that empower "best-of-breed" solutions delivering real value for customers. New products on display include:

• Two new FULL HD (1920x1024) security monitors. The SSM-L24F1 and SSM-L22F1 LCD with

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