Inovonics sees increased momentum for mobile duress systems in healthcare market

Hospitals now able to quickly locate people who are in need of assistance and take immediate action to ensure the highest quality of staff, patient and public safety

  • ┬áMonitoring: Radius works with the complete line of Inovonics end devices including pendant transmitters, universal transmitters and motion detectors. It can also integrate to other existing in-building systems such as access control or environmental monitoring.

"With the Inovonics Radius system, healthcare workers can be assured that their call for help will result in immediate notification to the appropriate responders to the exact location of the emergency," explained Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. "As in the instance of Avera Queen of Peace, Radius does not stop at security and providing broadcast notification to staff in the event of an emergency, it can also be used to automate temperature checks for freezers and refrigerators, track large assets and prevent theft".

Configurations, Availability and Pricing:

Radius can be used within single hospital buildings or scale to cover large multi-building healthcare campuses. It can be easily integrated with other fire and safety and security systems. It is available now and pricing varies based on customer needs and configuration. For more information, visit Inovonics website at or join the conversation at