Veracity demonstrates its COLDSTORE solution at ISC West 2012

Veracity's booth #5101 was yet again a hotbed of activity during ISC West 2012 as customers new and old came to see COLDSTORE running behing Genetec, Video Insight, OnSSI and other systems.

Glen Rock, NJ – April, 2012 – Veracity USA, the market leader in transmission products as well as the creators of the world's newest and most innovation storage system (COLDSTORE, the storage of choice for U Mass Boston, BAPS, Worcester Sheriff's department, Royal Bank Plaza and others) spent a busy and productive week at ISC West 2012 on the show floor as well as in a private suite.

The Veracity booth featured COLDSTORE working behind some major VMS partners- Genetec, Video Insight, OnSSI and SoleraTec as well as demonstrating the power of TRINITY VSE. Cameras provided by the leaders of the industry were used to demonstrate the efficiency of COLDSTORE and were also used to show how simple and easy HIGHWIRE PowerStar is to install and operate- 25 watts of POE and 100 Mb/s in full duplex mode over coaxial cable.

In addition, Veracity and Axis joined in a cross-promotion designed to highlight two major points:

1. Coaxial cable can be used and re-used for the installation of IP cameras, and

2. Axis' announcement that they have selected HIGHWIRE PowerStar and OUTREACH Max to be OEM products, sold under the Axis brand (please check with your local distributor or Axis rep for product availability).

On #2, Axis spent the better part of 2011 evaluating various ethernet over coax and ethernet extention products. From the least expensive foreign products to the most expensive domestic products, an exhaustive study was undertaken and the conclusion of that study saw Veracity as the best possible choice. While not the least expensive product (nor the most expensive product) that could have been selected by Axis, the solid corporate reputation enjoyed by Veracity coupled with the overall performance and superior design of PowerStar and OUTREACH Max inexorably led Axis to this decision.

On the COLDSTORE front, new and continually exciting things continue to occur. COLDSTORE is now integrated with:

- Genetec

- Video Insight


- Instek Digital

- Synectics

- Soleratec's Phoenix RSM

- OnSSI (via the above integration)

- HD Witness


The COLDSTORE installation base continues to grow and new dealers are constantly approaching Veracity for quotes and storage system design. COLDSTORE has clearly struck a bell, and as the only truly sequential filing system with massive power savings is appealing to a wide range of end users.

The Veracity - Genetec relationship continues to grow as new customers are added, and new projects won. And lest we forget, HIGHWIRE PowerStar maintains its status as the preferred device for Ethernet and POE + over Coax.

- HIGHWIRE PowerStar, Veracity's industry standard Ethernet over Coax device which now features POE over Coax:

• 10 watts of PoE at 265m (880ft) of 22AWG CCS RG-59 from a Veracity power supply

• 10 watts of PoE at 300m (1000ft) of 20AWG RG-59 from an 802.3af PoE switch

• 20 watts of PoE+ at 300m (1000ft) of 20AWG RG-59 from an 802.3at PoE+ switch

• 25 watts of PoE+ at 500m (1600ft) of 14AWG RG-11 from a Veracity power supply