AlliedBarton, HR Plus to host workplace violence prevention workshop

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2012) - AlliedBarton Security Services, the industry's premier provider of highly trained security personnel, and HR Plus, a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for employment and background screening, in partnership with the San Antonio Police Department, the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University - San Marcos and Tidewater, Inc. will host a free workplace violence prevention seminar from 1-4 p.m. on Thursday, May 3, 2012. The workshop will be held at the Marriott Plaza, 555 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX, with lunch served at noon.

"Unfortunately, violent incidents in the workplace are becoming increasingly common," said Terry Nichols, Founder and Assistant Director, ALERRT, Texas State University - San Marcos. "Owners, managers and supervisors must not only plan for this threat, but they must also train their employees on how to respond should a tragic, violent event take place in their work area. The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University has been actively involved in training more than 40,000 police officers across the nation in tactics and response strategies to the active shooter threat for more than 10 years. It is considered to be the standard in active shooter response training. As a former SWAT Team Commander and operator, education and training have become a standard and it is important to prepare for critical incidents long before an incident occurs."

"It is vital that organizations look beyond the act of violence itself," said Ryan Broughton, CEM, CBCP, CHS-IV, Senior Emergency Manager, Tidewater, Inc. "Organizations need to prepare for the impacts that workplace violence will have on their entire operation and all of their employees as well as implement methods to quickly restore normalcy post incident. While the act of violence may be resolved in minutes, the impacts will be felt for months to years afterwards."

"By knowing the warning signs of workplace violence, employees will have a greater chance of survival should an incident occur," said AlliedBarton's Gina Krenek, SPHR, HR Director. "This seminar will explore the workplace violence continuum, the warning signs of danger and how to keep yourself safe when the worst happens. It is important to have an understanding of what to do in a workplace violence situation to not only protect yourself, but the others around you."

Workshop discussion topics will include recognizing and preventing workplace violence; emergency management and continuity programs; the shootings at Fort Hood and Virginia Tech; training procedures; active shooter response strategies; and developing a workplace violence prevention plan.

Seminar attendees will receive a complimentary eBook copy of "Potential: Workplace Violence Prevention and Your Organizational Success" by Bill Whitmore, AlliedBarton's President and CEO.

Potential,, shows how a range of stakeholders -- from CEOs and other senior leaders to building management, human resources, contract security and law enforcement -- can work together to lower an organization's workplace violence risk and enhance its overall morale and performance.

Seminar speakers and partners include: Terry Nichols, Assistant Director, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, Texas State University - San Marcos; Ryan Broughton, CEM, CBCP, CHS-IV, Senior Emergency Manager, Tidewater, Inc.; Gina Krenek, SPHR, Regional HR Director, AlliedBarton Security Services; and the San Antonio Police Department.

Media interested in attending this event are encouraged to RSVP to the press contact in this release.