Quantum Secure announces partnership with VidSys

Vienna, VA and San Jose, CA - May 10, 2012 - VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, and Quantum Secure, the leading provider of Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) software, announce they have teamed to provide a comprehensive situation management platform offering situational awareness, verification, planning and automated response. VidSys and Quantum Secure will be attending IFSEC, taking place May 14-16, 2012 at the NEC in Birmingham.

“Today the best physical security strategies begin with the real-time knowledge of who is where, why and for how long in an enterprise. Information from various security systems and devices must come together seamlessly or the organization may be at risk. By integrating real time information of a physical identity with real time security events and alarms, all levels of the organization will have actionable intelligence at their fingertips,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO at Quantum Secure.
“Our integrated solution provides understanding of deeper levels of threat assessment along with incredible trending information as it pertains to identity and device related alarms and events.”

Quantum Secure’s SAFE software suite unifies and manages employee, contractor and visitor identities in one integrated console ensuring that people have proper authentication and authorization to gain access by monitoring all identities and their assigned access privileges against pre-determined policies. The SAFE suite also manages compliance with various industry and government regulations along with all levels of audit and attestation reporting and identity analytics.

The VidSys PSIM software system integrates and correlates data from all of the disparate security and building systems throughout the organization and pro-actively applies analytics and intelligence to the data for continuity and real-time situational awareness, management, and resolution.

By integrating these two technologies, VidSys and Quantum Secure have created a holistic approach to situation awareness, correlating not only situations but also the associated identities and behavior, allowing organizations to automatically respond to physical security incidents and situations in the most expedient and effective manner.

“With the VidSys PSIM software platform, security operators have at their fingertips a transformational tool that can instantly fuse and harness a vast array of security devices, sensors and operationally relevant information needed for effective situation management” stated Michael Jackson, CEO, at VidSys. “With our partner Quantum Secure, we are raising the bar on situation awareness and management by identifying what individuals may be involved in a situation and using this and other data to determine the best course of action for the fastest and safest response.”

To see a demonstration of the integrated solution, contact VidSysMarketing@vidsys.com.