Country Maid utilizes cloud-based access control

Advanced access control system from Brivo provides greater security and enhanced operations

After initial installation of the Brivo ACS WebService system, Country Maid has scaled to add more internal doors at the HQ, as well as adding the warehouse to the system. Banwart related that as the company expands, currently un-used office space will be brought on-line and more doors will be added to the system.

Banwart uses the system’s report function on a regular basis both for his own information, but also to supply information to HR and plant management. “We monitor where staff enter the buildings each day, if they using the correct doors, and how they move around the facilities in carrying out their jobs. If there is a pattern that we need to change or improve, we can talk to that employee to improve operations and productivity. We monitor people to help them do their jobs better.”

“We’re extremely happy with our Brivo system,” said Banwart. “We feel by looking for a partner, instead of a provider, we’ve achieved what we were looking for in access management. We’re very happy with where we’re at. The system does everything we’ve asked and more, and we really feel that we can grow and scale and do even more with it. One clear indicator of success is that over time I spend less and less time with the interface, just maintenance now, yet I’m extremely confident that everything is working correctly and I can verify this through the reporting—all is correct or I simply tweak it and everything flows nicely.”

For more information on ACS WebService, contact Brivo toll–free at 1-866-692-7486, option 1 or email