Mississippi homeowners association installs megapixel security cameras

IQinVIsion cameras selected for 450-home development

Dial reports that local police are aware of the video surveillance program, and they have on occasion viewed some of the association’s footage. Dial has also observed that the surveillance footage helps to identify high traffic periods and times when certain traffic patterns develop, so they, in turn, can alert the authorities to potential problems.

All in all, Dial and the HOA have been very satisfied with the results of their video surveillance program to date. “All this is a benefit for us. We don’t have to use our Neighborhood Watch to, for example, take a tag number. We reduce the interactions. We’ve got a process in place that lets people know they are being monitored, and we don’t have to approach them. It’s a huge deterrent, and it also gives us high-quality images when needed. The community definitely seems satisfied with what we’ve done. Along with our neighborhood Courtesy Patrol, we are demonstrating that your community is being monitored, and the cost per homeowner is minimal.”

“This program and our use of IQeye megapixel technology puts us on the map compared with other communities not doing this. We’re not just keeping up with the Joneses, we are the Joneses,” Dial concluded.