Viscount Systems

State gaming commission selects Viscount Systems solution for access control

BURNABY, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Viscount Systems, a leading edge high technology supplier of security systems and software today is pleased to announce that the Company’s Freedom access control platform has been selected to secure the State Gaming Commission offices in one of the largest U.S. states. Following the successful deployment of Freedom at an initial site the Commission is now scheduling deployments at its other facilities and other Department of Revenue sites.

“Although we have systems currently installed at casinos, this is the first gaming regulatory body that has selected Freedom,” noted Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount. “ The security requirements of gaming regulators can often exceed those of casinos so we are pleased that the commission has acknowledged the cost and compliance advantages of our technology over traditional systems. We are beginning to experience a marked increase in interest from governmental agencies.”

“This project and many other upcoming projects are being driven by word of mouth as news of these and similar successful projects spreads both through end users and systems integrators. Technological tipping points and disruption in the security industry have generally been driven firstly by early adopters, secondly by company initiated marketing and finally by hitting critical mass characterized by word of mouth and we are close to hitting this point. ”