Calpipe's shallow-mount bollards pass State Department standards

DOWNEY, CA (May 21, 2012) – Calpipe Security Bollards’, a leading U.S. manufacturer of security bollards, embedded shallow-mount K4 bollards recently passed the stringent Department of State testing standards.  These fixed and removable K4-rated bollards deliver a ‘hard perimeter’ and are designed to stop vehicles up to 15,000 pounds traveling at up to 30mph.  Offering a high level of security for buildings, compounds and other establishments, the embedded shallow-mount K4-rated bollards utilize an engineered base designed to overcome depth restrictions found in conventional bollard setups.  Typically used in areas where low water tables or underground utilities are a concern, the shallow-mount K4-rated bollards can easily be deployed in a wide variety of locations, including subways, city streets, ports and water treatment facilities.

The embedded shallow-mount K4-rated bollard system can be integrated into a strong perimeter defense system.  Other systems usually require deep foundations to be effective, but the K4-rated embedded bollards are placed in a foundation with a widened base and greater length, maximizing the potential for impact-protection.

“The K4-rated embedded shallow-mount bollard system offers maximum-security protection for all types of perimeter applications.  The K4-rated removable bollard option provides the same level of security while facilitating easy control amid changing venue conditions,” said Joe Pederson, vice president of sales and marketing for Calpipe Security Bollards. “Given their efficiently engineered construction and depth requirements, these shallow-mount bollard systems have a superior design that enables integration into new or existing zones more easily than other options on the market.”

In addition to the K4-rated shallow-mount bollards, Calpipe offers K4-engineered deep embedded and removable deep-mount bollards.  To maximize protection, deep embedded-mount bollards utilize a strip footing with a rebar cage tied into the bollards.  

Calpipe’s engineered footings and carbon steel inner cores provide added security that stone and concrete bollards cannot, and the durable stainless steel finish can survive harsh climate and environmental conditions.