Rosslare showcases its access control solutions at IFSEC

Company's PROX family of products on display for attendees

HomeInsight – A revolutionary Smart Home Security System (US patent pending). The HomeInsight system is Rosslare's ”2nd Level Redundancy™” Intrusion system with high sophisticated video verification capability. Even in situations where the main panel has been tampered with, the HomeInsight system continues working – the user and the CMS continue to receive an ongoing status of the event via IP and Cloud technology. The system is equipped with supervised infrared motion detectors with built-in cameras, providing the basic three pictures during and after the event, and is capable of delivering additional exclusive pictures and videos per user or CMS request! The HomeInsight system works with Rosslare's state of the art intrusion system, the new advanced HLX-20, as well as with other vendor's main panels in various configurations!

Rosslare Open to SECURE (O2S) Mifare DESFire EV1 Readers – An open 13.56 Mifare DESFire® EV-1 technology family of readers. The Open to SECURE readers offer an Open market platform that can then be SECURE by the market according to its needs and application. The readers allow for both Mifare Classic and Mifare DESFire EV-1 in one reader. The readers also include OSDP high security 485 communications that allow for system reader changes over secure communication from the access control panel and reader. – An online service for card orders and personalization service by Rosslare. A fast and efficient method to order your Rosslare PROX and Mifarecards with complete card design personalization.