G4S Technology announces expanded integration with Zenitel IP loudspeakers

Automating responses to alarms and other events is one of the ways in which security technology is becoming more efficient. G4S Technology has always championed such advances and as such they have expanded their integration with the Zenitel intercom system to include the new range of Turbine intercom stations and range of IP Loudspeakers.

Integrating with the Command and Control functionality in the Symmetry Security Management System, triggers can now be set within Symmetry to play pre-recorded voice announcements and warnings. The system is able to address each speaker individually enabling audio communication only in relevant areas. A typical pre-recorded voice announcement would inform an intruder that they have been detected and that a security response has been dispatched, significantly improving the level of perimeter security.

The IP Loudspeakers from Zenitel are available in horn or ceiling models.  While many manufacturers use junction boxes for their IP electronics, Zenitel have incorporated it into the speaker cabinet itself creating a much improved streamlined product.

The new Turbine intercom stations are resilient to dirt, dust and water resistant as well as vandal proof, ideal for resisting even the harshest environments. They have an integrated acoustic echo canceller and an active noise cancelling function, configurable for different environments.