HID Global

Company chooses FARGO security printers to produce ID cards

IRVINE, Calif., May 2, 2012HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced that AwardWallet LLC has chosen the company’s FARGO printers/encoders to produce secure ID cards for its consumer loyalty program tracking and management service.  The FARGO system speeds and simplifies production of ID cards that AwardWallet customers use to track and manage all of their air, hotel, car rental, credit card and other loyalty program information.

“The HID Global FARGO DTC4500 printer enables our 10-person staff to keep up with growing card demand from our rapidly expanding customer base,” said Alexi Verschaga, AwardWallet co-founder.  “The printer was easy to integrate with our existing systems, and every time I use it, it blows my mind how simple it is to produce the cards.  It’s also very fast and features the best cost per print of any solution we evaluated, enabling us to keep our operational expenses low and continue offering the AwardWallet OneCard as a value-added service.”

AwardWallet’s system tracks 485 loyalty programs -- roughly four times the number of any competitor.  The company manages more than 20 billion miles/points representing a value in excess of $400 million.  The free AwardWallet service keeps members up to date about their travel assets with minimal effort through notifications when their balances change and before their points expire.  AwardWallet customers use the company’s magstripe card  to keep all of their loyalty account numbers handy when they travel.  For instance, the OneCard can be used to check in for flights at airport kiosks without having to use an ID or credit card.  In many cases, AwardWallet customers order OneCards for every family member. 

AwardWallet uses the HID Global FARGO printer/encoders to produce the OneCards.  Because the FARGO printer/encoders support two-sided printing, each OneCard has enough capacity for up to 30 different loyalty program accounts.  In a single print pass taking less than 30 seconds, the FARGO device can print and encode the single- or dual-side OneCards.

“We are pleased to be providing AwardWallet with a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution for producing secure ID cards that meet its customers’ needs,” said Alan Fontanella, vice president of product marketing for Secure Issuance with HID Global. “With the HID Global FARGO DTC4500 printer, AwardWallet can meet growing demand for its OneCards at a very low per-card cost.”

The FARGO DTC4500 printer is a robust, high-performance card printing solution for businesses, colleges and universities, and government institutions.  Its superior performance makes it ideal for users who need high-volume print runs where quality, reliability and security are critical.  The FARGO DTC4500 printer/encoder can be used for centralized or remote card printing, and features a modular design that enables it to be field-upgraded to new capabilities as needed.