IQeye from Vicon

Agent Vi and IQinVision expand integration

Tel Aviv, May 23, 2012 – Agent Vi has expanded its integration with IQinVision to offer its full range of video analytics products on the latest IQeye camera product lines. Through the integration, Agent Vi’s embedded component now runs within IQinVision cameras and enables optimal performance of Vi-System, Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software, and Vi-Search, Agent Vi’s video search and analysis tool. The integration enables end users to run Agent Vi’s full range of video analytics products and functionalities on 200 IQeye cameras simultaneously, while requiring only a standard quad-core server.

The expanded integration offers customers a wider range of megapixel cameras that support Agent Vi’s embedded video analytics component. IQinVision’s Alliance-Pro, Sentinel, and 7 Series cameras all offer individually-configured, simultaneous H.264 and MJPEG streaming, suitable for both day and night applications in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. ONVIF and PSIA compliant, IQeye cameras are widely deployed in banking/finance, city surveillance, commercial/industrial, critical infrastructure, education, gaming, government/law enforcement, healthcare, retail, and transportation applications.

“This newest collaboration with Agent Vi has opened new market opportunities for both our companies,” said Rochak Sharma, IQinVision’s Director of Engineering. “Agent Vi’s development team utilized our SDK (Software Development Kit) to get their embedded agent up and running on our cameras in a remarkably short time frame. Integration of Agent Vi software with IQinVision cameras further demonstrates that IQeye cameras provide an excellent platform for development and deployment of a wide range of high value, on-camera applications. Further benefitting our customers is the fact that IQinVision will no longer charge a license fee; end users need only pay Agent Vi’s standard fee for this software.”

Zvika Ashani, CTO of Agent Vi stated that “Agent Vi’s video analytics architecture lends itself to best-of-breed solutions, and we are happy to enable our customers to employ the latest camera product lines from IQinVision in an optimized deployment fully utilizing the on-camera resources while requiring a minimum amount of additional server hardware.”