Tekstar Optical now supplying Rainbow motorized zooms

Rainbow customers who have been left out in the cold after the company went out of business in September 2011, don’t need to look any further than Tekstar Optical to purchase the same motorized zoom lenses that Rainbow had been offering.

Tekstar Optical is now supplying Yamano Motorized Zoom lenses in the North American market. Yamano is the factory that originally supplied the motorized zoom lenses that Rainbow OEM’d until Rainbow closed.

"Yamano offers high quality "made in Japan" motorized zooms with some of the most unique options such as auto focus and fog/smoke delete, like no other supplier,” commented Glenn Wolk, president of Tekstar Optical. “We have been keeping up with the demand from ex Rainbow customers seeking these models.”

For further information visit Tekstar Optical on the web at www.tekstaroptical.com or call 888-LENSGUY.