High school installs iEvo fingerprint readers

iEvo Ultimate fingerprint reader managed control access between buildings and prevented vandalism

North Wales High School Emrys ap Iwan commissioned local security and IT specialist Spider Technologies to research a replacement solution for their exhausted swipe card system. After extensive investigation Spider Technologies recommended none other than the robust ievo Ultimate fingerprint reader.

Stood Out From the Crowd

Specialising in ICT and Electrotechnical Services, Spider Technologies has been providing PAT Testing, Bespoke Software and Digital Signage installation alongside access control management since 2005. Driven by a strong technical background, Spider Technologies quickly became a registered Paxton installer in order to provide easy to use yet performance driven security solutions.

Spider Technologies were initially approached by Emrys ap Iwan before IFSEC – the International Fire & Security Exhibition - to investigate fit for purpose and robust access control solutions that would be used to replace their original swipe card system as it was causing them problems at the school. After attending IFSEC and researching each possible solution, Managing Director of Spider Technologies, Steve Jones, decided upon the ievo Ultimate fingerprint reader as it stood out from the crowd at the security event, mainly due to its capabilities and indisputable reliability. After receiving a one to one demonstration with one of ievo’s account managers in August 2011, Steve quickly made an order of multiple Ultimate readers which he would later install at the school to be activated as early as September, just in time for the next academic year.

The school previously used a swipe card system, where approximately 250 sixth form pupils and 100 teaching staff would gain access between different points around the building. Not only was the system difficult to maintain but it became increasingly expensive to run because pupils kept losing their cards. All the ievo Ultimate readers secure and monitor access on entry points between two main school buildings, which enables further control over sixth form pupils and the remainder of the school year groups.

“Having researched an access control solution to solve the problems faced at Emrys ap Iwan there was no doubt in my mind that ievo would be fit for the job. Obviously, I had never installed an ievo biometric reader before, therefore I did have some technical questions. My ievo account manager visited the installation site on a couple of occasions in order to facilitate technical support. I was incredibly pleased with how well ievo Ultimate interfaced with Paxton Net 2, it made the installation process run a lot smoother and of course reduced disruption on site, which was a major relief because I had a tight schedule to abide by in order for the system to be completed before the next school term began.” Steve Jones, Managing Director, Spider Technologies.

Only the Highest Standards

There were three main reasons why the ievo ultimate fingerprint readers increased efficiency, security and reduced the cost of maintenance at the school:

1) Firstly, using the ievo Ultimate reader permitted school management to control access rights between the two separate buildings on the grounds. Using Paxton’s market leading access control system, Net2, Emrys ap Iwan management were able to control what times each year group entered each school building. The buildings are accessible by all pupils however some parts are only designated for staff and sixth form only, such as main entrance and access to an adjoining further education college on one of the sites. Access levels are therefore granted to sixth form pupils and staff continuously whilst remaining year groups gain access to general exterior doors between five minute lesson changeovers only.

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