IQeye from Vicon

Korean bank chooses IQinVision cameras

San Juan Capistrano, CA, June 05, 2012—IQinVision, market leader in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras, today announced that one of the top four banks in Korea has installed more than 4,500 IQeye Alliance-mini dome cameras in its headquarters and bank branches located throughout the country. The distributor, IT&T International, has been in charge of the project from inception.

IQeye HD megapixel cameras were chosen for this prestigious installation after a “shoot-out” involving four camera manufacturers that IT&T International introduced to the bank’s decision makers. IQinVision won the competition based on its cameras’ superior video quality in all types of lighting conditions.

Over 100 cameras have been installed at the bank’s headquarters and approximately 4,400 of the 1.3 megapixel cameras have been installed to date in more than 200 of the bank’s branch offices. “In today’s Asian video surveillance market, the customer is demanding a higher quality of video image to ensure more effective monitoring, especially in crucial locations like bank branches,” said Andy Kang, Managing Director, IT&T International.

The bank is using IQeye camera video primarily for post-incident review in the branch offices. All cameras record on motion at 7.5 frames per second. Each branch office monitors and stores its own video. “Megapixel quality was critical for this customer,” said Kang, “the video image must enable positive facial recognition.”

“There are many camera companies to choose from in the Asian market, this top bank chose IQinVision over several competitors. Clearly, they recognized the quality and durability of the IQeye cameras, but for major Asian customers like this, IQinVision’s record of excellent service and their industry-leading warranty were also important factors.” concluded Kang.