Salient Systems

Salient Systems partners with Axis Communications

AUSTIN, TX (June 6, 2012) - Salient Systems Corporation announced a joint marketing engagement with network video surveillance world leader Axis Communications at the HP Discover 2012, presenting CompleteView Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) and Axis One Click Camera Connection.

Video surveillance was introduced to the general market in the 1960s with the advent of CCTV (closed circuit television) and, since that time, video surveillance and its supporting technologies have improved and expanded. The adoption and proliferation of video surveillance in national and international security, law enforcement and business management markets has created demand for higher quality video and sophisticated management of that video. The migration from analog to digital video has evolved with the growth of the Internet and today’s image quality, analytic and compression benefits of IP-based video – yet the worldwide market for surveillance is still an estimated 70% analog-based for new installations. This is because the majority of the surveillance systems around the world are small, 1-16 camera count systems, where IP technology could not historically compete for price.

Using VSaaS technology, Axis Communications and Salient Systems have partnered to stream video from IP cameras and encoders over the Internet to remotely housed hosted servers from Hewlett Packard. The accessibility and flexibility of cloud-based services offers video recording availability anywhere, anytime on desktop, notebook and mobile smartphone devices.

Emerging applications such as VSaaS present transformative market positioning for companies dedicated to providing the next generation of cloud infrastructure and managed services. The collaboration between Salient Systems, a leading provider of video management software, Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, and HP, a world-leading storage and server technology company, offers cloud providers an end-to-end solution based on world class platforms.

“We are proud to work with Axis Communications to educate the industry about the value of real-time surveillance hosted in a cloud environment” said Bob Wilbur, CEO of Salient Systems. “Consolidating surveillance video from multiple locations in a centrally hosted data center opens up a vast new market for cloud service providers and benefits users by decreasing capital expenditures for equipment and installation costs,” added Wilbur.

As part of the Axis Development Partner (ADP) Program, Salient integrated Axis Communications’ One-Click Camera Connection solution with its CompleteView Video Management System to ensure the highest degree of video surveillance system integration and deliver seamless VSaaS connectivity regardless of Internet service provider, routers or firewall settings. Connection to the service provider equipment is handled without the need for a hardware gateway or VPN for faster, easier installation of IP cameras.

“While IP-based video surveillance provides vastly superior image quality, scalability, functionality and total cost of ownership benefits, analog continues to dominate the surveillance industry because of perceived cost and complexity – specifically in all the small camera count systems around the world,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications, Inc. “Video Surveillance-as-a-Service – sometimes referred to as hosted video – is an excellent option for end-users who don’t want to be constrained by cost, maintenance and personnel, but still want a state-of-the-art surveillance system.”