Taipei Metro deploys IP cameras to enhance business operations

VIVOTEK MD7560 camera selected for project

Other advanced features available on the MD7560 include multiple streams, video cropping for bandwidth saving and ePTZ for data efficiency.


According to Plustek, partner of VIVOTEK on this project, the high quality images have enabled the end user to further enhance company resources and better manage staff members as well as other corporate issues. As a result, the graffiti situation has improved and more productivity has been generated.

VIVOTEK mobile dome series is known for delivering proven solutions covering both mobile and fixed environments, including stations, depots and park-and-rides. This masterpiece has helped transportation agencies improve the safety of passengers and employees and respond quickly to emergency. At the same time, hey enable agencies to better manage and reduce risk, deter theft and vandalism and improve maintenance as well as operational efficiency. VIVOTEK MD7560 is the best solution for all transportation surveillance needs.