S2 upgrades NetBox software

Framingham, Mass. – S2 Security Corporation (S2), the leader in IP-based integrated physical security and video systems, today announced a software upgrade to the S2 NetBox integrated security management platform that gives users the ability to easily scale video using S2 NetVR-based video management appliances. With NetBox version 4.2, systems integrators and end-users can link multiple NetVRs with existing NetBox controllers, allowing local systems to connect to an unlimited number of cameras.

“With NetBox 4.2, users gain the benefits of the tight integration between SMS and VMS systems, while retaining the appliance architecture and browser delivery that S2 pioneered,” said S2 President and CEO John Moss. “With version 4.2, users can build fully integrated ecosystems of access control, monitoring, and video management products.”
S2 products are designed to grow along with customer needs. Unlike legacy systems where entire enterprises are constrained by the initial plan, S2 systems offer the ability to create networks that facilitate inclusion of new technologies and seamlessly incorporate increases in system size.

Other benefits of the NetBox 4.2 version include an enhanced interface that allows users to manage video surveillance and forensics across partitioned systems, providing integrators effective surveillance functions with built-in access control and other features in a solid-state appliance. Simplified workflow offers end-users faster access to the features that are most important to their specific activities and helps consolidate information.
S2’s NetBox line has over 12,000 deployed units operating across numerous industries including commercial facilities, education, health care, energy, manufacturing, and municipalities. S2 offers solid state, open architecture, IP-based products that reduce installation and support costs while increasing reliability.