Ingersoll Rand includes Von Duprin cable system in Steelcraft doors

CARMEL, Ind., June 20, 2012– Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a leading global provider of security and safety solutions, has introduced a new Steelcraft door solution that includes the Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Cable System factory installed in an L-Series door. This new system eliminates the frustrations that both installers and end users have continuously faced with exit devices using traditional vertical rod systems and is an offering that can be ordered as a complete opening solution directly from Steelcraft.

By eliminating the trigger mechanism typically found at the top of the frame, the Vertical Cable System significantly reduces the time and maintenance required to make adjustments when compared to installing a traditional vertical rod system. Instead of having to move adjustment screws in and out repeatedly, the user only tightens the screw at the point of attachment to ensure that the Concealed Vertical Cable System is properly installed. Installers can even adjust the height of the bottom latch while the door is hanging.

“Steelcraft channel partners and end user maintenance personnel will appreciate the advantages of ordering a hassle-free door solution that saves time and money,” reported Jeff Necastro, doors and frames product manager at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “This new system also has equivalent fire ratings and, by ordering the new door and cable system together, end users can utilize their existing exit device in aftermarket applications and save on maintenance issues in the future associated with concealed vertical rods.”

Enclosed cable technology has been extensively used on automotive braking and transmission systems, aeronautical prop adjustment and throttle and pitch control systems as well as on recreation vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles and boats. Steelcraft is the first to bring this proven, durable technology factory installed within the door.