Telguard's TG-1 Express available for 3G/4G networks

NASHVILLE, TN – June 27, 2012 – Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation, and a leader in alarm monitoring solutions and services, announces the availability of the TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks. The next generation TG-1 Express completes the evolution of Telguard’s entire product line in preparation for the 2G Sunset. Telguard is the first manufacturer of cellular alarm communicators to offer the longevity of 3G/4G products for residential, commercial, fire and PERS markets at the price of today’s 2G solutions.

The UL listed TG-1 Express is compatible with virtually all alarm panels through dial capture making it ideal for both takeovers and new installations. As the smallest full data cellular communicator on the market, it offers a variety of RMR-boasting features including the Telguard Interactive remote control app and two-way voice support. The availability of the TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks allows dealers to prepare for the impact of the coming sunset with a reliable, proven product and halt their growing base of 2G equipment needing inevitable replacement.

“We have been installing the TG-1 Express for a while now because of its flexibility and robustness,” said Shooter Stein, president, National Certified Alarms. “We are excited about the TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks. For the same price as its 2G predecessor we are getting a stable product with great features and peace of mind knowing that it won’t have to be replaced when the 2G network goes away.”

The TG-1 Express uses the power and backup battery of the security panel, eliminating the need for an available wall outlet. The unit also features a unique way to connect to the panel for instances when the communicator needs to be installed remotely. The Single Line Interface Cable (SLIC) allows the power and telephony connection to be sent over a single CAT5 cable, similar to how computer networks use Power over Ethernet (PoE). With the SLIC option installers can now remotely mount the TG-1 Express without being limited by the availability of power or the expense of an RF cable run.

“Telguard is a company that is focused heavily on recurring revenue, so we understand how critical it is for dealers to protect their RMR from the 2G Sunset,” said Shawn Welsh, vp of marketing and business development, Telular. “With the TG-1 Express now available for 3G/4G networks we continue our commitment to providing the security industry with the latest technology that delivers longevity without an increase in price. We want to ensure that dealers have a cost-effective choice that they can start installing today for all of their customers that will not have to be replaced when the 2G Sunset arrives.”