School district installs Sargent locks

Lodi Unified School District implemented cylinder locks in over 50 sites across 350 square miles

“After seeing the 11 Line lock in action at these trouble spots where vandalism had been a huge problem, the durability and functionality of the Sargent locksets spoke for itself," Glissman said. "I was sold.”

According to Glissman, the installation process of the 11 Line locksets has gone smoothly. “Overall the 11 line is remarkably easy to install,” Glissman said. The 11 Line lock features “out of the box and onto the door” packaging that organizes the parts, and comes complete with simple instructions and a small tool kit. No thru-bolts are required for installation and it fits into the standard 161 door prep.

Glissman is so pleased with the way that the 11 Line locksets are working out that he has plans to replace more door-related hardware with Sargent products. In fact, he’s already set this project in motion.

“I’ve installed a couple mortise lock sets and they’re working out great," he said. "We’re getting ready to replace all the mortise sets and panic bars with Sargent products, as we continue to replace old or failing cylinder locksets with the 11 Line.”
Glissman feels that the money he’s spending to upgrade the LodiUSD’s door locks and hardware is certainly money well spent.

“As the guy who maintains these things, it’s much smarter for me to spend more money purchasing top-quality locks up front than to have to purchase replacement parts for failed parts down the road," Glissman concluded. "I’ve been down that road, and thanks to Sargent and the 11 Line cylindrical lock, I don’t have to go back.”