TransTech to provide products for Medic-Vault

Seattle, WA. June 28, 2012 -Visualant, Inc..announce today that TransTech will provide products and support for the production of Secured LLC’s new Medic-Vault, a state-of-the-art lock-safe unit often used by paramedical services. Visualant, headquartered in Seattle, develops industry-leading color-based identification and diagnostic solutions, and security and authentication systems, which rely on its unique proprietary Spectral Pattern Matching (“SPM”) technology.

TransTech Systems, which operates from Aurora, Oregon, is a leading distributor in card issuance systems and components. Their expertise in card printers, card encoders, and peripheral equipment has well positioned them to provide these systems for use with virtually any application from Entertainment to Security, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Narcotics theft from ambulances is a rising problem in many U.S. cities. In fact, some states are requiring dual-access controls to prevent theft and misuse. A new solution has recently been released to the Emergency Medical Services market. The Medic-Vault, a product of Secured, LLC of Memphis, TN, offers the ultimate in security with dual access control and a thorough audit trail.

“TransTech Systems has worked with us throughout our R&D and design on this system with the highest level of support and flexibility” says John Slayton, CEO of Secured, LLC. “Whether it’s misuse or theft, this is a growing -- and costly -- problem for ambulance companies and city fire stations. In fact our products have already received an endorsement statement from the Memphis TN Fire Department.”

The Medic-Vault offers dual access control using a combination PIN number and proximity card. Companies can install the vaults in a fleet of ambulances and EMS vehicles. The vaults conveniently bolt to the ambulance chassis and connect to the vehicle’s existing 12-volt system.

A live stream video camera is also available to install to the roof of the ambulance for additional security and enhanced patient care. The camera offers a visual record of exactly who accessed the safe, recording the actions of those entering. The state-of-the-art camera also allows for two-way communication with emergency room staff to give the attending physician the ability to view the patient and give instruction directly to paramedics. The camera option can enhance patient care and possibly save lives.

“We began working with John Slayton and Secured LLC to help provide the access control products being specified for the Medic-Vault system. Secured LLC has put in a very significant effort to get this system right. We are very pleased to see the project reach fruition and launch,” said Jeff Kruse, General Manager of TransTech Systems. “We are already working on the possible tie in to additional products we carry such as RF inventory tracking.”