Creone enters North American and Caribbean markets

CREONE AB which manufactures and integrates revolutionary key and value management systems is now currently in an expansion phase. Founded in 1979, sold to 25 countries with over 6000 clients, CREONE’s production facility and company headquarters are located in Tranås and Stocklom Sweden.

Taking a step to strengthen and hold its position as the leading company in the asset management industry, CREONE has chosen a strategic partnership in 2009 with SAAB Combitech to develop its products for the future. SAAB Combitech with nearly 1200 employees, 20 offices in Sweden as well as internationally, offers leading technology, development and management consultancy for software, hardware and certification according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TickIT and ISO/IEC 27001.

By combining CREONE AB design and manufacturing, SAAB Combitech partnership and XNNOVATION Corp. environmental and security awareness distribution, we now offer our future dealers unique and effective value management solutions.

With a suggested retail price of nearly 30% less than any competitor, an excellent markup of 40%, it is considered inexpensive and profitable for all it has to offer. You may also increase your profits by offering an after-sale service charge, but given the tremendous quality of our products, the service may never be needed because "Creone run like a Swedish clock

XNNOVATION would appreciate the opportunity to show you CREONE AB products, as well as create a profitable business relationship with your company.

Take time to look over the descriptive literature. If you have questions concerning a CREONE AB dealership, or would like a quotation for your applications, please contact us at 514-259-2525 or email